BENU Group Family Office’s history can be traced back to the Salafranca family’s early beginning in real estate. Enrique C. Salafranca Jr. invested in real estate in the late 1940’s, paving the way for future opportunities and investments.

Today the BENU Group is a private company that manages investments for the Salafranca family and other stakeholders.  It offers financial management on the whole structure as well as managing its diversified investment portfolio through  strategic asset allocation and stringent monitoring processes provide the basis for long-term success.

Family Members

  • Enrique C. Salafranca
  • Mario G. Salafranca
  • Carol Salafranca Esguerra
  • Lilian Salafranca Reventar

Family Advisors

  • Vicente P. Reventar
  • James M. Donovan